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​Service Agreement:

  • Unpaid invoices older than 30 days will automatically be assessed a $30.00 late fee. A $25.00 returned check fee will be charged for all returned checks. Any accounts over 60 days past due will automatically have service paused until the account is brought current or a payment plan is in place.

  • Cartridge filters will be cleaned twice a year, every 6 months at a charge of $125 per cleaning for Extended, Basic, and Self Service customers. DE filters will be backwashed and fully cleaned as necessary at $150 per cleaning.

  • Monthly service rates cover general maintenance chemicals such as chlorine, chlorine tabs, salt, muriatic acid, sodium bicarbonate, and calcium. There are periodic times when there may be added chemical costs due to environment, pool usage, and individual needs. We will work to advise you of these charges ahead of time.

  • There is a $40 annual fee for conditioner/stabilizer/clarifier in spring due to high heat and longer periods of direct sunlight.

  • There is a $70-90 charge depending on pool size for mineral cartridges at the start of Spring.

  • Any repairs and broken parts over $50 will require customer approval. If a repair is urgent and a tech is required to make a separate visit, a $100 travel charge will be charged. We will always work to complete non-urgent repairs during our normal visits.

  • During rains and heavy winds we will only check chemicals and baskets. Debris management will be handled on the next possible service day.

  • Customer is responsible to maintain water level, ensure pool cover is removed on service day, keeping equipment area shrubbery trimmed back and equipment pad area accessible for service and/or repair.

  • We love dogs but not all dogs love us. Please keep your dog inside or restrained on service days. Our techs will not be able to service if we cannot safely access your pool area.

  • We do not accept keys to client properties. If your gate requires a key access you will be required to provide a lockbox with access code.

  • Provident Pool Service will not be held responsible for any staining of plaster since plaster is composed of natural minerals. A certain amount of shading, staining, and color variation is to be expected. Different forms of staining do occur in all pools. 

  • Basic, Extended, and Full Service agreements recur on a month-to-month service agreement. Cancellations for Basic, Extended, and Full Service agreements must be notified 14 days before cancellation by email sent to

  • Self-Monitoring Service contracts recur on a 12 month commitment. Cancellations for Self-Monitoring Service agreements must be notified 14 days before cancellation by email sent to

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