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The redesigned Betta SE boasts enhanced durability and reliability through new technology and materials. Equipped with twin Salt Chlorine Tolerant (SCT) Motors, it automatically cleans the pool surface, removing debris like leaves, dust, pollen, insects, and pet hair. Its Aqua Dynamics design ensures exceptional efficiency, enabling 30+ hours of continuous cleaning on a single charge, even on cloudy or rainy days. With rapid recharge times of just 5 to 6 hours under direct sunlight, the Betta SE ensures uninterrupted cleaning without the need for daily recharging. Its dual charging capabilities provide versatility, with wall charging serving as a backup on cloudy or rainy days, while manual charging is unnecessary in ample sunshine. Cordless and solar-powered, it includes a wireless remote control for easy mode switching. Plus, it features a large fine-mesh (200 um) debris basket with a top handle for effortless emptying and adjustable water depth bumper rods to prevent getting stuck in shallow water.

Betta SE Solar Skimmer

$589.99 Regular Price
$328.99Sale Price
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